Blacklisted Universities in USA

Are you confused about the term ‘blacklisted’ universities?

As someone who spent years researching the best college, country and course to study, I never really heard of that word in context – until recently.

The news about an airlines declining certain students due to their preferred US college being a blacklisted one, followed by Sushma Swaraj’s announcement of furnishing a list of blacklisted US universities (which hasn’t seen light since 2015 btw), that word created fear in most student’s mind.

Especially the thought of a wrong university choice putting you through rigorous interrogation upon arrival and deportation, if things go bad. Though the incident mentioned had more to do with unprepared students and misleading airline authorities, it served as an eye opener to parents and students both.

After a lot of RnD, I have compiled a checklist of everything you need to be aware of when considering US universities for higher studies.

What does ‘blacklisted’ university mean?

This term can be rather misleading. However, it is used by most overseas edu agencies and students to describe universities below the following umbrella:

  • Universities that have either lost their accreditation and/or do not have a recognised or reliable accreditation
  • Universities that accept students with average or low marks

However along with blacklisted, a student should find out if the University is SEVP certified.

SEVP – Student and Exchange Visitor Program

An initiative by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), this is a certificate provided to US universities that are eligible to accept international students.

Here is the link to school, colleges and universities that can accept Indian students: SEVP CERTIFIED UNIVERSITIES

To find if your preferred college is one of them, click on the link and hit CTRL F (on the keyboard) together. A small search box will open where you can type the name of the college and hit ENTER

If browsing on mobile – right click on the top right of the screen at the 3 dots and choose FIND IN PAGE.

If your college is not on the list, find new ones.

If it is and you are happy, you should be but there is more to go!

A college that is eligible to allow international students need not be a good one too. Education is one of the most profitable business in the world, after all and many colleges accept students with low scores just for meeting the yearly targets.

Blacklisted Universities in the US – Why avoid the easy temptation

As mentioned earlier, some educational institutes lack proper accreditation. Thus they are called blacklisted universities. While for few that may not matter, it does play an important role in the following areas:

EDUCATIONAL LOAN – If you are planning on taking an educational loan, most banks will only provide this facility to institutes with the right accreditation/reputation.

GOVERNMENT / CIVIC JOBS – The right scores, the right educational pathway plays a very important role. Whether India or abroad, if your career path needs to head down this line, most civic jobs need a govt approved course/institute.


You can use this tool- US DEPT OF EDUCATION LIST  to find out about your desired institutes or find various accredited institutes in state you want.

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