A Guide to Getting a Tourist VISA to Vietnam For Indians!

Vietnam is a miraculous city of timeless charm, perfect for a sweet holiday escape. The remnants of war and the secretive underground world among others are some memorable experiences. To enter this land of beautiful destinations, visitors are needed to possess a valid Passport and VISA. Vietnam VISAs are issued at the Vietnamese Embassies, Consulates and the Vietnam Department of Immigration. Overseas, some Vietnam Airlines and Tourism Departments also issue tourist VISAs. Here we bring to you some information on where you can obtain tourist VISAs to Vietnam.


VISA Requirements by Nationality

People from selected countries are allowed into Vietnam without needing to wait for a VISA. If you are a German, French, British, Italian, Spanish or from Finland, Denmark or Sweden, a Passport and a Return Ticket are enough for you to enjoy your stay in the country for 15 days. If you want to stay longer than 15 days though, you need a formal VISA. All the other nationalities are required to carry a valid VISA and Passport.

For example, if you are an Indian, you are mandated to obtain a VISA before departure. You can apply for your VISA in India or from any Vietnamese Embassy.

You are required to submit the following in person or by mail:

  • One filled application form for a Vietnamese VISA.
  • Original Passport with at least 1 month validity from the date you are leaving to Vietnam.
  • One photo of 4 x 6 cm.
  • Prepaid Self Addressed Return Envelope in your name. (Preferably Indian Post Priority Courier or FedEx, with tracking number)
  • VISA Fee, Money Order to Cheque, payable to the Embassy of Vietnam.

You can send these to the Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi.

The address is:

17, Kantilla Marg,
New Delhi -110 021.

You can contact them via: [email protected] or through +91-11-301-8059.
The fax number is +91-11-2301 9818.

You can also visit the Consulate General of Vietnam in Mumbai to get your VISA.

The address is:
Wajeda House, Gulmohar Cross Road No.7,
Juhu Scheme,
Mumbai – 400 049.

You can contact them via: [email protected] or through +91-22-2620-8589
The fax number is +91-22-2624-8538.

If you are from other countries, the documents you need and the photo sizes might differ. Check this link out to see what you need to submit.

The VISA application form can be filled out online. You can visit this page here to grab a copy of your form.

Some other points to take care of:

Here are some points that might help you get the steps right at the first attempt.

  • Check if your ORGINAL passport has at least 6 month’s validity for airline requirements.
  • If you are aiming for a loose leaf VISA request, you will be required to staple an additional photo to the form.
  • If you are visiting Vietnam for less than three months and do not have VISA Approval, you must leave your ‘VISA Approval Number’ on the form blank and pay additional fees for VISA Approval. The Embassy will take care of it.
  • The payment for VISA fees must be either Cashier’s Cheque, Company Cheque or Money Order payable in the name of ‘Embassy of Vietnam’. You can also use your MasterCard or VISA Credit Card if you are applying in person. If you are applying for VISA as a group, you can make payments in a single Money Order/ Cheque on behalf of all the members of the group.
  • Keep the tracking number of your prepaid return envelope safe. If it is getting too long, check with the mailing service first using the tracking number.
  • Do not make telephone enquiries to know about the status of your VISA Application, until you have waited for a reasonable time.
  • Take Vietnamese Holidays and your local holidays into consideration before applying. No mail will be delivered to the Embassy during holidays and weekends. Embassy remains closed on all Saturdays and Sundays.
  • You are responsible for checking the accuracy of information in your VISA. If you find any discrepancies or errors, contact the Embassy immediately for correction. If you fail, you are fully responsible for the mistakes.

Generally it takes around five business days to process the VISA applications for approval. Expedited processing will take one or two business days and will require an additional fee.

To get your VISA on Arrival at Vietnam

Traditionally, you need to apply for a VISA in your passport from your local embassy before entering Vietnam. In case you fail, there is also another, less popular way. You can apply for a VISA online and collect it at the airport. But it is important to note that the Vietnamese Embassy in Australia has issued an official warning about some Fraud VISA on Arrival Companies, so this is risky business. It is safer to obtain your VISA in your homeland.

The VISA on Arrival, also called VOA, can be obtained in Da Nand, Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. You need to apply online for your VISA BEFORE you arrive in Vietnam, not afterwards. Also, if you are entering the country through any other land border or through other ways other than the cites mentioned here, you will not be able to obtain a VISA.

But getting a VOA is quicker, easier and cheaper, particularly if you are not arriving from your home country or you are not near an Embassy for long enough to get your VISA. If you are traveling continuously and not in a steady location, this might be very helpful for you.

During this process, you have to choose a travel agent. Getting your VISA depends on the travel agent you choose. We can see a few companies advertising their services online, choose one based on the costs and feedback. You need to pay an amount to the travel agent, who will get you an approval letter. With the approval letter, you need to pay some more cash and submit two photos at the Airport and you will get your VISA. You need to arrive at either of the three airports in person to get your VISA.

Some points to remember here:

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