I-20 Form

WHAT IS I-20 Form?

The I-20 is a form/document that is issued by the university/school where you accept an admit.

This university is generally a SEVP-VERIFIED SCHOOL.

The I-20 form includes your SEVIS ID and School Code


In June 2015, a new format was introduced.

This new I-20 form now contains 3 pages:

Here’s what we are going to do:

  1. List out some EXTREMELY IMPORTANT interview tips
  2. List out some EXTREMELY USEFUL F1 Visa Interview Queestions along with sample answers
  3. Give you some reasons why visas get rejected

Page 1:

  • The student’s complete information (Full Name, DOB, Nationality etc)
  • The Visa Class (F/M)
  • The School Information (Name, Address, SEVIS code etc)
  • Information about the program (Name, Start date, estimated length etc)
  • Financial information regarding the first year of the course
  • Additional Remarks
  • School Attestation signed and dated by the Designated School Official
  • Student attestation signed and dated by the student

Page 2:

  • Information about OPT i.e employment authorization
  • Information on change of visa status (post OPT)
  • Event history table
  • Othe authorizations table
  • Travel signatures

Page 3:

  • Here’s a SAMPLE of the I-20 form.
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