Top 13 Places for a Student Trip in the US

While you are a student in the country, small trips are a great opportunity to escape from your life and witness great beauty. Here we present to you some interesting locations in the US where you can backpack over the weekend.

    1. The US Space and Rocket Centre

    The US Space and Rocket Centre is the largest spaceflight museum you’ll ever see on earth. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, the campus sports several space and science related booths for kids. You’ll get to see lots of magnificent aircrafts, space shuttles and can even feel in person what is like during a rocket launch in one of the simulators. The general admission for adults into the premises costs $24 if you are older than 13 and it is $16 for little ones.

    2. New York City

    Known as the Big Apple, it is probably the most known city in the world. It has a lot of tourist spots to visit from Rockefeller Centre to the Times Square and the Metropolitan Museum and much more. This city has many clubs, bars, and restaurants open 24-7. You won’t be disappointed with this trip.

    3. One World Trade Center

    The One World Trade Centre stands tall in the same spot where the twin towers were destroyed on September 11 in a massive terrorist attack. This new tower has a fun lift that will take you up to the 102nd floor in 60 seconds! There is an observatory on the top that lets you indulge in the beauty of the New York City in every angle. The Observatory tickets cost $34 for adults and $28 for kids. There is also a free 9/11 memorial with a list of names of those who died in the attacks. There is also another Memorial Museum which costs $24 for adults and $15 for kids.

    4. Music Festivals

    You will also want to look into the different music festivals that happen all over the country. Ultra-Music Festival in Miami, Florida and Coachella in Indio, California are some of the most popular ones that you’d want to go to.

    5. Las Vegas

    Known as the entertainment capital of the world, is famous for its monstrous casinos and hotels. A place that every student must experience at least once. We really need not tell you more about this place.

    6. City Museum

    The City Museum is no ordinary children’s museum – it’s an awesome place to have fun for all ages. There are manmade caves, suspended tunnels and many other shenanigans where you can play your heart out. There is a 10 storey slide where you can whizz through the air and a Ferris wheel sits right on top of the building. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the admission fee here is $12. There’s also another location in the city – the Gateway Arch, the tallest monument in America. The Gateway Arch tickets are $10 for kids and $13 for adults. The City Garden is free and is full of scattered sculptures to marvel at; there are three lifeguard protected fountains to have water fun.

    7. Schlitterbahn Waterpark

    This badass water park has been ranked as the best water park by the famous Amusement Today, so is worth a visit. Located in Braunfels, Texas, the place is laced with water rides, features and slides in every direction. Slides are several storeys high and there is a manmade river, hot pool for relaxation and twisted flumes to whirl through. The general admission is $38.99 for kids and $50.99 for adults, but is can be a lot lesser if you book on discount days.

    8. New Orleans

    If food and music interest you, ten New Orleans is the place to visit. The night life and festivals are amazing all year long. Though the best time to go is during Mardi Gras. Hotel prices are not too high here so it should be budget friendly.

    9. Cedar Point

    If you contain within yourself lots of thrill seeking blood, the Cedar Point, aka the Roller Coaster Capital, is waiting for you. There are 17 roller coasters here in succession, hiding in Sandusky, Ohio, to make you scream and burst your heart. If even reading this makes you hide beneath your blanket, the place also has lots of tamer rides to enjoy. The admission is $39.99 when you book online and higher in person. If this is too hardcore for you, you can always go to Disney Land!

    10. National Air and Space Museum

    This Museum in Washington, D.C, is the wonderful opportunity to marvel at thousands of powerful aircrafts, including historic ones like the ones Wright Brother first flew. You can also see the original Apollo 11 Command Module from the first ever manned lunar landing mission. The best part is – entry is mostly free!

    11. Georgia Aquarium

    The Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest of its kind in the world with a magnificent display of thousands of diverse assortments of species in one place. You can also interact with several peaceful sea creatures like otters and dolphins and can see real penguins, beluga whales and manta rays here. The Georgia Aquarium is the only place in the world where you can swim (!) with whale sharks – tickets cost extra.

    12. Art Institute of Chicago

    A curated collection of famous artworks from around the world, this institute houses over 3, 00,000 works of art, ranging from vintage to contemporary. Entry is free if you are younger than 14 and adults pay $25. Across the building lays the Millennium Park with fountains to play – you can take a picture by the iconic Cloud Gate there.

    13. Yellowstone National Park

    The famous Yellowstone National Park is one of the finest locations to visit alone or with your family. You can relax yourself in the hot streams and geysers here while admiring the flora and fauna of this famous national park. There are over 300 waterfalls here. You can visit the park for free on certain days – other times, the entry costs $30 for a seven day vehicle pass. It is only $50 for if you also include the nearby Grand Teton National Park.

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