Benefits of Outsourcing

1 %
Hourly wage cost

On average, an offshore employee will cost a third of an American employee of equal talent.

1 M
Indian Employees

Right now there are about 1.8 million Indian immigrants working in the United States.

Job Applicants

The average number of job applicants for a posting in India is 1,400, compared to 300 in the US.

It comes down to simple math

Outsourcing will save on all kinds of overhead costs – salary, benefits, office space… but those aren’t the only numbers that matter when it comes to making this decision. India also has the number advantage when it comes to the number of savvy, talented individuals who would love to work for an American company.

Why else do you think Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg and any number of their counterparts have decided to move operations to India?

Most major companies have offices in India


US: 138,158 | India: 46,718


US: 27,465 | India: 11,234


US: 32,359 | India: 19,688


US: 11,482 | India: 5,317

Outsourcing isn't just for big companies

Teams of any size can benefit from adding offshore members. In fact, entire operations can be outsourced to India so your in-house team can stay nice and lean, ready to make big things happen. By moving, let’s say, customer service, IT support, accounting, or any other operational department to India, the rest of your team is free to focus on your core product and strategy.

India Has a HUGE Talent Pool

College Grads

India - 20 Million
US - 3.8 Million

Twenty million college students graduate every year, compared to 3.8 million in the US.

Job Applicants

1,400 Indian Applicants
300 US Applicants

The average number of job applicants for a posting in India is 1400, compared to 300 in the US.


India - 7.8 Million
US - 1.6 Million

There are 7.8 million engineers in India – that’s nearly five times more than in the US.

India is all about quality in quantity

Right now there are about 1.8 million Indian immigrants working in the United States. Many are super talented, super-savvy individuals who have studied and lived most of their young adult lives in India before making the decision to migrate to the U.S.

Unfortunately, because of the current issues with U.S. immigration system, many of these talented professionals looking for employment are unable to migrate. That means there is a whole lot of potential in India just waiting to be tapped!

Offloading backend tasks lets you focus on the big picture

Hate being put on hold by UPS for two hours? Responding to way too many low-level e-mails? Dealing with technical issues? Stop doing all of those things and focus on your strength – running your business!

By outsourcing these kinds of backend tasks, you will have the freedom to completely focus your attention on high-level impactful activities that will help you achieve your business goals.

Most companies that have outsourced have not only saved on overhead costs but they’ve also achieved greater revenue growth over a period of two years.

There's really not much of a culture difference

Culturally there is not much of a difference between young India and its Western counterparts. We are usually on the same wavelength.

We think Game of Thrones Season 8 is terrible!! Chernobyl is definitely the best thing on TV this year. We love sci-fi movies, from Stars Wars to the Matrix. We cheered equally loudly when Captain America picked up Thor’s hammer in Avengers (oops, spoiler… sorry!).

My point is that these days there is so much common ground between the people of the two countries, you can easily bond with your outsourced team.

You get to keep the great office camaraderie that you are used to in the US. We even play march madness bracket challenge (Go DUKE!!)


We have best in class connectivity and ease of business

Our workspace has dedicated gigabit speed internet connectivity – basically fast Internet… really fast Internet. India has great Internet speed; your video calls will be seamless; all your employees will have a US number on which they can be reached.

With the right partner (us!), you can be seamless have a team set up within a week, without having to worry about compliance (we take care of that for you—and the hiring!) Timing isn’t an issue, as your remote team will work in your time zone.

Let's be frank for a moment

Many Americans have some preconceived notions about outsourcing to India. They probably picture some vast, dull call center full of nameless, faceless individuals blathering away on the phone to irate customers. Well, we’re here to tell you to throw that idea right out the window!

India is home to some of the highest educated, friendliest, and most talented people you could ever meet. All it takes is matching teams with the right individuals for the job, and that’s where we come in. Just call us matchmaker!

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