Why not use Upwork?

Upwork vs. Grow Your Staff

Upwork offers contract / temporary employees

This means they are not often as committed as your full-time staff

Upwork contractors are not exclusive

They are often working multiple jobs simultaneously, leading to distraction

Upwork contractors are not always available

Contractors are often too busy to be reached when you need them

Training Upwork contractors is not feasible

Their often brief contract length means it's not possible to train them

Upwork doesn't offer performance reviews

Contractors are not usually subject to standard performance reviews

Team building with Upwork is difficult

Especially for remote contractors when co-location isn't possible

Upwork contractors often don't fit company culture

Because of brief contract lengths, finding culture is difficult

Upwork rates are often cost prohibitive

Contractor rates are often too expensive for growing companies

✓   Grow Your Staff offers FULL-TIME employees

Your GYS team members are members of your company

✓   GYS employees work exclusively for you

Your team members have one job - the one you give them

✓   GYS employees are always available

Your team members are available any time 8 am - 6 pm

✓   GYS employees can easily be trained

Employees come ready to be molded to your business

✓   GYS offers regular performance reviews

So your employees perform at an ever higher standard

✓   With Grow Your Staff, Team building is easy

Team members are always in the same office, making collaboration easy

✓   Grow Your Staff makes it easy to find a culture fit

We handpick candidates based on your needs for the perfect fit every time

✓   Grow Your Staff is way more affordable

GYS members are an average of 33% or less than the cost of contractors

Just the "FAQ's"

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

NO! We are very flexible. You can stop at any time. However, in order to comply with Indian Labor laws, employees in India are entitled to seven days’ severance pay if their employment is terminated within a month, and one-month’s severance pay if their employment is terminated after a month. We will require you to cover such costs.

Where are GrowYourStaff’s services available?

Our services are available to companies all over the world. No matter where in the world your headquarters are, we can set up an offshore team in India.

How many employees do I need to hire?

You can start with just one. You can hire as many as you need, as you need them.

What is the payment cycle?

We make paying your team super easy. You make a simple pre-payment upfront for 15 days. We handle payroll. We pay your employees biweekly.

What roles can we hire?

Here are some of the most popular roles: Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Sales, QA Tester, Computer Programmer, UI/UX Designer, Data Entry, Finance Associate, Customer Support, Personal Assistant, Logistic Support, Company Assistant, Operations Support, Software Developer, and many more

What is Grow Your Staff's fee?

Our fees vary based on your requirement. Contact Us for a quote.

What do you handle?

We handle all payments to staff, compliance, recruiting, time management, security, legalities, attendance, reporting, office space, basic office equipment, and we provide a dedicated US phone number for each employee.

What is the speed of the Internet, will video calling work properly?

We have a 1GBPS Internet line. High quality video calls will work properly without any buffering.

70% of companies that have partnered with us have grown by at least 157% within 2 years!

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