Did you know that 37% of the brands across the world have increased their email budget? Reason—more than 80% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement in 2022 and the numbers are only going up. In the world of social media marketing, email marketing is a strategy that still works best for most companies. As per estimates, Email marketing revenue will reach  11 billion by the end of 2023. 

However, managing your email marketing activities in-house can be a daunting task due to the sheer scale of the workload involved. In today’s digital world, even small-scale email campaigns need to be planned and implemented carefully to drive desired results. In this case, outsourcing email marketing can be an affordable, flexible, and scalable solution to optimize your output, boost sales, and increase revenue. 

Email marketing campaigns are most effective when they are timely, relevant, and engaging. All of this can be achieved by outsourcing email marketing from a third-party company which will improve response rate, and email deliverability, cut costs, and accelerate the rate of production and quality. In spite of that, many companies are reluctant to outsource email marketing because of several myths and sheer assumptions around outsourcing email marketing.

Let’s debunk the 5 biggest myths about outsourcing email marketing:

1. Outsourcing email marketing is more expensive

Imagine having a dedicated in-house email marketing team and hiring an editor, copywriter, campaign manager, graphic designer, and email promotion specialist. Sounds expensive, right? Now add the equipment and infrastructure expenses to it. It can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. So why not outsource email marketing and pay an outsourced marketing partner either project-based or monthly fees?

It is not only an affordable solution but will also save you a lot of time that you otherwise have to invest in managing your in-house team. Well-executed marketing campaigns can enhance your sales and boost brand value. Simply put—it means more ROI. 

2. Outsourcing agency won’t understand your brand

Several business owners feel that third-party service providers might not understand the essence of their brand and what it represents. They believe that outsourced email marketing campaigns will not be able to showcase what makes their company special. However, it is not true.

Successful communication with your outsourcing partner can fully make them understand your USPs that make your brand different from the competitors and then plan an email marketing campaign keeping all the important elements in mind. With effective brainstorming, they will quickly catch your brand tone and promote it through excellent email marketing campaigns.

3. Outsourcing email marketing will give you less control over your brand

Another popular myth about outsourcing email marketing is that you might lose control over your brand since someone else will plan, strategize, audit, and execute your email marketing campaigns. What if you lose subscribers? What if things don’t go as planned and your brand image gets hampered? Everyone has their own fears.  Putting your email marketing program in someone else’s hands can be scary. The truth, however, is that if you hire the right partner—someone who will use their experience, creativity, and skills to ensure that your email campaigns drive the best results.

While some days you may get explosive outcomes, other days can be a little challenging. But this is how email marketing works, right? If you are not experimental, your growth can be stagnant. 

4. Outsourcing email marketing is time-consuming

Did you know that business owners with in-house email marketing teams have to invest a huge chunk of their time to ensure that the work is streamlined within the team, the deadlines are met and the output is getting optimized? Do you know that they have to sit with their team for hours during brainstorming, planning, strategizing, and promoting their email marketing campaigns? Now put yourself in their shoes. Would you rather invest your precious time in growing your core business or spend it on tasks that can be easily managed by a third-party partner?

They will be accountable for the performance of your email marketing campaigns and keep sharing the progress reports at regular intervals (at least monthly). After all, relinquishing the administration headaches is one of the chief benefits of outsourced marketing.

5. Outsourcing email marketing won’t bring results

The most common myth about Outsourcing email marketing is that it won’t drive sales, enhance revenue, form a connection with potential customers, or boost ROI—in short, won’t bring results. Any business owner, small or big, will never make an investment that won’t be profitable for their company. One has to be sure of results in order to be able to trust an outsourcing email marketing partner to enhance growth. And this is why there are several reliable and quality email outsourcing marketing companies that are able to meet all the requirements and business goals of a company through a result-oriented approach. You will be able to see the visible output by measuring progress and testing alternative hypotheses. All you have to do is set achievable and practical goals and ensure that you regularly take progress reports from your third-party partner. 

Final Takeaway

Email marketing is a proven and effective way of generating leads for your business. However, the process can be extremely time-consuming and expensive if you have an in-house email marketing team. Here’s why outsourcing email marketing can be a smart way to enhance business growth without spending a lot of time and money.

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