With more businesses going international, targeting different business locations, remote hiring has become a universal norm. To suffice global business needs, setting up good offshore teams is a new trend that has picked up in the last decade. But the good part is that hiring a remote employee in India is easier than ever.

International businesses are incredibly beneficial, yet to support global companies, differences in business and cultural practices must be taken into account. India and the US have been working significantly to allow companies to enter each other’s territory. In such a scenario, India throws a significant opportunity for overseas businesses by providing a high number of young working professionals. Every few weeks, a million young potential crowd joins the workforce in India.

Many US-based companies have been hiring the local workforce of India, but now hiring a remote employee in India is easier than ever. Here is why?

1. Remote working is the 'new normal trend':


Due to unprecedented times, remote working as it is has emerged as a new normal trend. The productivity, happiness index, and convenience of the employees have increased manifold due to this new-normal of remote working trend. As per the OWL Labs report, which interviewed around 3000 employees based in 23 different countries, the employees felt much happier, focussed, and comfortable working from home.

To manage finances, many corporates are shutting their flashy offices to set up virtual teams. As reported by PGi, companies save about 10,000$ per employee per year on every employee that works remotely. So, more and more employees are seeking opportunities to connect with global employers while getting to work from the comfort of their homes.

2. Good infrastructural support:


With tools like Teams, Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime, the teams can stay connected virtually. Increasing number of managers and team leads are being trained on technology and cultural know-who to handle scattered teams. The current scenario is much more well-equipped in India to hire qualified employees with supporting infrastructure to work for remote organizations based in foreign lands. 

Due to improved technological infrastructure, the Wi-fi connectivity has been tremendously improved in the past few years. The internet facilities have been extended to 4G connectivity in cities beyond India’s metro cities, allowing workforce from tier-II and tier-III cities to work remotely.

3. No visa requirements and other legal formalities:

US companies can easily hire remote employees from India without bothering about sponsorships and visa formalities. With each passing year increasing number of Indians are successfully working for companies in the UK, the US, and Australia. Remote working from India does not require any legal formalities like vaccinations, health insurance, and other elaborate documentation proofs. 

The money transfers from countries like US can be easily done using Paypal and Western Union without any challenges. The Indian employees also get the benefits of federal withholding if they hold any, the details of which can be retrieved from Article number 2 of India US DTAA.

This new culture encourages the workforce to engage with bright opportunities overseas. More and more people are now scouting opportunities overseas for better pay packages and exposure. 

4. Availability of third-party consultants:


The best part about hiring remote employees is that you can outsource hiring and managing remote teams using a third-party service provider. Associating with a local third-party service provider is a big hands-on to overcome the cultural barriers, legal barriers and time zone barriers. 

All you need to do is find a reliable service provider which helps you build customized offshore teams in India, irrespective of where your headquarter is located in the world. Services like recruitment, end-to-end payments to remote employees, compliance, security,  office space are the necessary services that must be included by the provider.