If the content is king, then creating content is the coronation ceremony. And outsourcing content creation is how the people have a say in who…uh, I forgot where I was going with that. But we all know that no matter what you’re selling, you are going to need content. And whether it’s writing blog posts, shooting and recording videos, or graphic design work, producing content takes a lot of time.

High-quality content can completely redefine your marketing strategy and significantly boost your engagement and website conversion rates. Content marketing is genius because it builds your clientele over time, and helps you connect with them in a more engaging, organic way.

“But if content creation and marketing is so important, why outsource? Shouldn’t I handle it myself?”

Short answer: No. That would be like the head chef of a 3 star Michelin restaurant working on procuring kitchen stock. Content creation DOES NOT mean that you should be involved in every small part of the process. Content topics and ideas that you outsource or delegate is still “your” content. And as an entrepreneur or a business owner, there are certain tasks such as producing and promoting content, that you should look to delegate.

Stop Wasting Time Making Content! Outsource It.

If you want a good online presence, high website conversions, and boost consumer engagement, your content game must be A level. And it wouldn’t hurt your search engine rankings either. Good content leads to good marketing, which is good for your business. 

So how exactly do you outsource content creation? You give the job of making content to outsourced content creators. They can be freelance content creators or they can be a part of an outsourcing firm or agency which offers specialised content creators. Just like having an offshore sales team can give you more sales and better professionalism; outsourcing content creation gives you professional and high quality is written and visual content, which can reshape your business strategy, and here’s how.

4 Big Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation


Even if you’re really good with coming up with content ideas and churning out blog posts and articles like its milk, chances are you simply don’t have enough time to do so on a consistent weekly or daily basis. 

The most important thing in content marketing is posting consistently: And publishing high-quality content (whether written or audio-visual) takes A LOT of time. 

Outsourced content creators will work on your ideas by putting in the time, research, and creativity required while maintaining a level of quality that you’re happy with. This is the true potential of outsourcing content: You can scale up to where your budget allows, and outsource the production of content accordingly, so you never run out of ways to keep your business in the spotlight.


Marketing good content is the surefire way to expand your audience. Outsourced content creators and professional writers have the know-how and skill to produce content that people will like. 

And they also have the technical expertise to make engaging, readable content that includes effective SEO which will boost traffic to your website: Case in point, *ahem*, just take a look at the article you’re reading right now. So instead of taking out time to learn how to make the secret sauce stand out on Google, why not hire an outsourced creator who already knows the recipe?


The ROI on hiring an outsourced content creator is much, much higher than employing a full-time writer or content team. Outsourcing anything has been known to be extremely cost-effective. But when you outsource content, you can pay per project and ONLY have to pay for the content, and not any other tertiary expenses. 

Your outsourced content will come from either self-employed freelancers or outsourcing agencies who deal with the additional resources required by their creators, making outsourcing the better and more economical option for your business.


Everything from a blog post to a sponsored Instagram reel is marketable content, and different types of content are consumed by a highly varied. So why limit your reach to the people who only read long-form articles? 

Outsource content creation to a firm specialising in all types of content marketing: Articles, social media content, YouTube videos, even free E-books to expand your mailing list, the list goes on… 

Some of these content ideas might seem overwhelming to make, but they can easily be produced by an outsourced team of experienced content creators. 

This brings us to the next most important thing…

4 Things to Look For When Outsourcing Content


The best-outsourced content creator for your business is one who understands what you want and works within your budget. The more specialised and technical your niche, the more you might have to pay for your content, depending on how fast you need it. 

For example, if you run a legal tech business and want to fire out some articles, well, unless you’re friends with Harvey Spector, you’ll have to pay slightly more to land a professional outsourced legal content writer as compared to a part-time freelancer from Upwork. 

Once you figure out what you want and have narrowed down on potential outsourced creators, it’s time to, you guessed it: 


Whether you go for a freelancer or an outsourcing firm, you should give them a semi-important project to see how your outsourcer works, whether they are able to realise your content goals and ideas, and if they are a good fit for your business. After all, what’s the use of a Maybach Mercedes if it doesn’t fit in your garage. 

 While portfolios and samples might give you an idea about the outsourcer’s quality, an actual content project that you intend to publish will give you the data to compare with your previous content posts and see if you’re getting the ROI you desire from your outsourced content creator. 


When your outsourced content creator is working on a project, that is the perfect time to assess their abilities and see if you’d like to continue working with them in the future. 

A good outsourcer will be open to taking feedback, making revisions, have an open channel of communication, and most importantly, respect deadlines. Worst case scenario, if you DON’T like the final content made by your outsourcer, that’s also good: You now know what not to look for and gain a better eye for the kind of content that’ll work well for your business. 


Once you’ve partnered with the outsourcing content agency of your dreams, you can work on fine-tuning your content marketing strategy: Experiment with new types of content, schedule weekly posts for the future, focus on the audience you want to target and scale up the budget over time as your business prospers. 

“Alright, seems like outsourcing is the way to go but… how do I look for these content creators?”

Where To Outsource Your Content? Freelancers vs Agencies

There are numerous online platforms where you can go through a host of freelancers and find some to outsource your content creation too, such as Fiverr, Upwork, or A-Writer. While this should be and is a rational choice, you might have to spend a lot of time sorting through self-employed content creators providing different levels of quality output. 

There are also platforms that offer outsourcing tools for specific types of content: such as Shutterstock, which provides high-quality images for visual content. 

These can be good if your content marketing needs are specific and targeted towards a specific niche, but not so much if you’re looking to create and promote a large amount of varied content.

On the other hand, an outsourcing agency or firm (like GrowYourStaff), provides a certain level of expertise and can help reshape your content creation and marketing. Let’s say you’re looking for an expert technical writer to create content about personal finance, instead of spending time looking for the perfect freelancer, an outsourcing firm will quickly assign you one from their large pool of content writers from different backgrounds and industries. 

To Conclude

In a 2020 report, it was discovered that 84% of Business-to-Business (B2B) companies outsource their content creation and marketing. For Business-to-Consumer (B2C) owners and entrepreneurs, that number was 55%. After crunching the numbers and going through all the pros and cons, it is definitely worth delegating your content creation to an outsourcing firm or agent.

Once you’re content with the quality of your content (pardon the pun), you can move on to marketing and promotion. Outsourcing firms (like ours) can provide you with entire content teams which can look after not just content creation, but also scheduling, posting, as well as promotion. 

Outsourcing content creation and marketing might increase your expenses for a short time, but it will certainly pay off in the long run: Outsourcing talent comes with the huge potential upside of increasing your brand growth and visibility. Combine that with consistent quality content, and you have a successful marketing strategy in your hands.