If you run a start-up company, or a firm, there’s a high chance that your business churns out a huge volume of audio or visual content from company meetings, important conference calls, and business presentations.

And unless you like to run your business like my meditation app tells me to live life, aka one day at a time; chances are all that audio content holds valuable information and is extremely important in terms of financial data, business strategies, and so on.

Audio transcription is a necessary part of every business. And unless you have a team of stenographers transcribing audio on their toes in every meeting or conference, it’s also hard and time consuming work if done by yourself. And let’s face it, using stenographers? Very 1990s. 

Which is why you should outsource your audio transcription to a transcription services company which specialises in providing excellent transcription of audio at reasonable prices, giving you the time and space to make important business decisions in running your company. 

How Outsourcing Audio Transcriptions Can Help You


Transcribing audio files is a labour and time intensive job. It requires a lot of focus and attention to detail, and accurate transcriptions of audio with minimal errors have to be provided on time to the company to ensure a smooth running of the main business. 

Whether you run a big business or a small start-up podcast, making the investment to build an in-house transcription team in terms of money, time, and personnel will burn a pretty big hole in your pocket.

Having full time professional transcriptionists in your team also isn’t the best of ideas if there are periods of work when audio transcription is less of a priority on the list of business tasks. Well, unless you’re the transcriptionist getting paid for an easy day of work.

Outsourcing audio transcription saves you these resources as well as the headache of having an in-house transcription team. But it also gives you another headache: How to best utilise these saved resources to grow your business, which sounds like a pretty good headache to have. 


Outsourcing is a booming industry. But did you know that audio transcription is one of the most outsourced services in the world? Here’s why:

Audio transcription is different from any other operations in a company’s day to day activities: It is necessary, but unlike customer care or sales, you don’t have to train a team of transcriptionists about the specifics of their role. Which is exactly why it is the perfect service to outsource to an outsourcing company or firm.

There’s no risk of an outsourced team of professional transcriptionists being confused by the specifics of the job, or being stifled by new developments in the industry. The outsourcing company will take full responsibility of all your transcription needs. Meanwhile, all you have to do is patiently wait for your transcriptions to reach you on time, much like I’m waiting for my midnight snack order delivery right now.

Outsourcing companies like GrowYourStaff, provide you with a team of offshore professional transcriptionists who know exactly what their job is: Provide you with high quality audio transcriptions, on time, with a focus on accuracy and readability of the text


 Businesses that have an in house team for everything have higher expenses and a higher turnover rate than other companies. Not only that, they usually also charge a higher cost to the customer to make up for these expenses.

By outsourcing audio transcription and other services which can be easily delegated, you can streamline your business to focus on what’s most important, and stay ahead of the curve of your competition.

Today, state of the art audio transcription requires the best system technology and transcription software in the game which is continuously being updated. It might not be feasible for in house transcriptionists to stay updated with all the new technology, but it is something that you will get if you opt for the right outsourcing company for your audio transcription.

“Understood. But there are a lot of online transcription websites and pay to use software where you can upload your audio and get it transcribed. Isn’t that a better option than outsourcing?”

Before you go down that rabbit hole, here’s the difference between outsourcing your audio transcription and using online transcription software:

The True Cost of Using Online Transcription Software

A lot of work from home transcription websites employ people who have no previous experience as transcriptionists. These “employees” might get the job done at reasonable prices, but that will come at the cost of quality of final transcripts, which might not be easy to read, or in a format not to your liking. Is that a sacrifice you’re willing to make?

“But what about those websites that use software that uses AI to generate audio transcripts? Isn’t that a legitimate option?”

 Maybe. Online audio transcription software is a convenient tool: Sign up for a plan, upload your audio tracks, and you’ll receive the completed transcripts with a relatively short turnaround time period ranging from a matter of minutes to a few hours.

But like the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And here’s the catch:

If you’re using online AI generated transcription software, you’ll have to make a trade off between speed and accuracy. The best AI audio transcription softwares will get you up to 90% accuracy of transcripts which are delivered pretty quickly, but they don’t guarantee the near perfect accuracy (up to 99%) and emphasis on readability that you’ll get from a team of specialised transcriptionists. Which brings us to the question: 

How to Choose the Right Outsourcing Transcription Partner


 A good outsourcing transcription partner is able to deal with a variety of subject matter, as well as numerous sources of audio: Presentations, seminars, conferences, podcasts, and so on.

Your outsourced transcription company should be able to provide near perfect transcripts no
matter the subject matter or source of audio. Outsourcing companies like ours
(GrowYourStaff) house experienced transcriptionists specialising in various
domains across industries: So you can have your pick of the bunch and select
the team best suited for your needs. Some services provided are: 

1.      Legal Transcription: Offshore transcriptionists experienced in court transcripts, legal hearings, administrative hearings, depositions, and more.

2.       Business and Corporate Transcription: Audio content from presentations, company meetings, conferences, and more. You know, the boring parts of an office drama that never makes the final cut of the episode.

3.      Miscellaneous Transcription: Interviews, podcasts, dialogues, dictations, speeches. Basically, anything that involves audio and the spoken word that can be transcribed, we can do it. 


 Your outsourced transcription partner must have access to the industry standard in transcription technology, and have transcriptionists who are well-versed in how to use it.

Your outsourced transcriptionists must have the requisite technology to deal with a host of common issues that exist in audio transcription: Audio recordings in subpar quality, inconsistent volume levels, muddy frequencies or excessive background noise.

No matter the difficulty, your outsourcing partner should be able to provide you with excellent quality transcripts that are easy to read, in time. 


When you save on the costs of having an in-house transcription team, your outsourcing partner should provide you with easy channels of communication and access to the transcription service whenever you want, as per your requirements.

The company you choose to outsource to must understand your specific transcription needs, turnaround times that suit you and the style of transcribing and formatting that you’re comfortable with. Your outsourcing partner should give you a professional team of English speaking transcriptionists who you can easily talk to in case of any queries or issues. 

What We Can Provide as Your Transcription Partner

As you’ve just read above, choosing the right outsourcing partner for your company is big part of the puzzle. This is where we come in. If your company is a Formula 1 race car, then think of us as the dug out crew at a pit stop, changing your car tyres and putting you on course for an even faster finish.

At GrowYourStaff, you’ll find the ideal outsourcing partner for your audio transcription needs. Our team of offshore transcriptionists have years of professional experience, and provide accurate, error-free transcripts with turnaround times tailored to your needs.

Our offshore transcriptionists work with audio in all formats, follow international transcribing standards, can work as per your standard time, and can provide indexed transcripts to make it easy for you to go through them. What else is there?

But don’t take my word for it. Get in touch. Contact us.